So there is a kid’s movie that my daycare kids love to watch called, Home. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, it’s about an alien species name the boov running from another alien named the Gorg and they take over the earth.  They send all the humans to Australia, to what they call ‘Happy Human’s Town.’  Yeah, it’s silly but the kids love silly so it works. 😉
Some days, I feel like the main alien character ‘Oh’. He is the screw up! Boov, as hard as he tries just can’t follow the rules set out by Captain Smek because he is different. He wants to make friends. He wants to be social. He wants to think for himself. But Boov rules are meant to make everyone conform to ONE way of thinking. Since Oh isn’t like everyone else, he has no friends. They hide from him, or tell him to go away but he keeps on trying nevertheless.

Lately, I feel like I don’t connect with people. It seems I think, feel, believe, trust differently than my friends. While some of them are out doing things together, I want to be home. Or while they are living life without faith, I’m trying to make mine stronger, asking the Lord for more of His measure. While my friends  have imaginary boyfriends and love crushing on celebrities, I just want to see my husband every day.  Sometimes, I feel judged or disliked because of my faith in Jesus …. and some of it, admittedly, may be because I have made many mistakes and behaved in not very Christian like behaviour. Some of them can’t see the person I have become today. But like Oh — I keep trying to fit in or be like others….not because I want to live like they do but because I have a desire for people to like me.
The main human character? Tip is a young girl who was left behind when the Boov came, because her cat ‘pig’ was on her head when they were selecting the humans 😉 She is 14 and in grade 7 and I’m pretty sure that everyone can relate to her. She wants to be tough, but she is scared. She wants to have fun, but knows she needs to be serious about finding her mom. I can relate to her as an adult –lol! Life is scary! Being a grown up is scary but we have to just keep going. Even when the enemy is surrounding us, tossing us about to and fro.
If you haven’t seen the movie, it’s on Netflix. It’s silly and fun, and yes, you will probably appreciate its wonder 😉
Seriously though, every day, we face struggles that we have to muster through to get to the next day. It’s not easy this life we live. We struggle with relationships, money, jobs, kids, cars, our weight, our health, and for some people just getting out of bed in the morning. Jesus can make those struggles easier. They might not go away but just having FAITH that He can make our burden lighter can be sufficient.
Luckily for humankind, the Boov aren’t real but I can tell you that Jesus is very real. So give those struggles to Him. I promise he will float them away, just like the Boov floated away toilets 😉
“Cast thy burden upon the LORD, and He shall sustain thee: He shall never suffer the righteous to be moved.” (Psalms 55:22)

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