Because He loved us first

“Give away GRACE in unreasonable amounts, because that’s what Jesus does.” I heard this proclamation on the radio last night and it stuck. But what does it mean to give away grace???? I looked up the definition to see what exactly grace is defined as….

       A way of moving that is smooth and attractive and is not stiff and awkward.
       A controlled, polite and pleasant way of behaving.
       Graces: skills that are needed for behaving in a polite way in social situations

As I read each definition, I thought this is NOT the GRACE given by Jesus. The Bible tells us that Jesus was usually surrounded by multitudes of people. As He walked down roads they swarmed Him. I’ve walked through crowds of people, so I’m pretty sure His walk wasn’t at all smooth or attractive 😉 The Bible also tells us that Jesus got angry in the temple (Matt 21:12-13), flipping tables and calling them all out — definitely not controlled, polite or pleasant behaviour!
So what does the GRACE given to us by Jesus really mean??? It’s the unmerited favour of God towards man.  It’s His forgiveness, His love shining forth, as a Light in the world. It’s the gift of salvation offered freely to us even though we don’t deserve it.
Imagine if we could get past our previous hurts and forgive the people who hurt us. And not just say we forgive them, but I mean be able to walk into a room they are in and say hi, how are you and actually mean it? What if we were able to wish nothing but happiness to those who have hurt us and mean it? What if we could forgive people, and put zero conditions on that forgiveness?
God became man and died on a cross for our salvation. He died and was resurrected so that we could experience the ultimate level of forgiveness and love that only He who created us could do. His love and mercy shining in our hearts as a beacon of light to others. Shouldn’t we at least be able to forgive others who have caused us pain?!?!
So, in terms of defining grace? The dictionary misses it entirely, because Jesus is the definition of GRACE! His love for us is GRACE.
His gift of salvation for those “whom [we] have crucified” in our hearts willing to become both Lord and Saviour in our lives. And His grace is beyond measure, that causes our hearts to overflow with His joy and peace and love. Indeed, because of His grace, I can say my cup runneth over!
1 John 4:19 – We love Him, because He first loved us.

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