The hurt is endless

There are a multitude of tragedies that will show up on the News today.  The ones that have taken over my social media accounts are the mass shooting of 100 people in a nightclub and the death of a 22 year old singer.  But if you go beyond facebook or twitter you will realize that those things are only the tip of the iceberg.  Today there was a news release that a threat was made about an Alberta High school.  A student is alleged to be planning on bringing a firearm to school before the end of June… there are 16 days left in June.

There are two men in trial for murder in the news because three years ago they took a test drive with a man and for whatever reason decided to kill him and burn his body in an incinerator.  I remember this day.  I remember sharing his wife’s plea on facebook for anyone with information to call the police.

Two children are dead after a group of people fell into a river and went over a waterfall.  One body has been found but they are still searching for the other.  Three other children have been killed in a house fire that was purposely set.

Tragedy is everywhere.  There is no shortage in our world of tragic events and tomorrow will bring a whole new set of broken hearts, shattered families and deaths that make no sense.  It is discouraging to think about but it is the reality of our world and it is a reality that has withstood the tests of time because the tragedies of our world today are just like the ones hundreds of years ago.

Yesterday I watched a fire truck and ambulance race past my house sirens blaring and lights flashing.  I could sense the urgency and heard the silence long after they had passed.  We live in a city with 400,000 people so seeing first responders is not unusual.  It was unusual that they were going down my street as it is a side road that ends if you stay on it for another 5 km… in fact it ends just a bit after you pass my kids’ school.  And it was there in my thoughts when my stomach felt sick.  I was already in my van and thankfully I actually had to go to my kids’ school to drop off something.  I was relieved to see there were no sirens or flashing lights in the parking lot.

I read the text messages that the son was sending to his mom telling her he was going to die.  The mild panic that set in when I watched those trucks go by is nothing in comparison to the way her heart must have dropped when she heard his voice… when she read those messages… and when the messages stopped coming…

I do not know how people who don’t have Jesus cope.  My heart hurts for them because I cannot offer them words of comfort because they do not believe what I believe.  I cannot tell them their kids are in a better place because I do not believe they can be unless they have accepted Jesus into their lives.  I’m sorry because that doesn’t offer hope but it is truth.  It is a hard truth.

Because that truth means that we are not proclaiming Jesus enough.  The truth is that satan is adding more and more souls to his collection.  The truth is that we are not sharing the Gospel in our churches, on the streets and in our communities because there are still people that need to be saved but there IS hope.  There is hope that Jesus is out there waiting for you and there IS hope that you can at any moment give Him your life and He will rescue you!  There IS hope because His heart broke with every shot that rang out and every life that was taken.  His heart broke for the parents of the children who are with Him in heaven.  He has shed tears along with ours at the tragedy that is our world.

There IS hope because although we live in this world, it is not our home.  Although we were created into it, we were created in the image of God and we were destined to do great things through Christ who strengthens us.  There is Hope so although you might not have the words to comfort the broken, He does and He is waiting for them to call on Him so He can restore them beyond their brokenness.

Pray for these families.  Pray for the families of Fort MacMurray.  Pray for the families closest to you that have seen sickness take away their loved ones.  Pray for the son of the Moncton RCMP officer who will only ever get to hold his father’s hand by touching the statue that has been placed in honor of him.  Pray for the broken, pray for the homeless, pray for every fire truck and ambulance that you pull over for.  Pray and then pray some more because there IS hope and His name is Jesus.


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