Father’s Day

My kids have an amazing dad.  He is kind, smart, loves God and gives the best hugs.  He loves to play with them, mess the house with them and talk to them.  They love when he comes home from work.  When our daughter sees him she literally vibrates with excitement because she can’t wait to cuddle with him.  On Father’s day they couldn’t wait to give him the little books they made.

Learning to be a husband and a father didn’t come naturally to him.  The loving on them part was but, like many people, we don’t realize how big the role of spouse or parent can be.  He struggled with the sleepless nights and would get frustrated because he couldn’t see that it was just a phase… a small portion of their childhood that would eventually pass and nights would once again be quiet.

He struggled with keeping the house organized and clean when I was at work because he didn’t see the importance of it.  When the kids were little he wasn’t good at seeing the whole picture.  He was excellent at the play and would sit on the floor for hours driving cars, building towers or looking at books but he didn’t see the responsibility side.  It would cause many frustrations between him and I.

I’m not telling you this because I want you to think poorly of him or think that I am knocking him down.  I am telling you this because I want you to see that he isn’t perfect and that he has struggled because too often we only hear the good things.  Too often we don’t realize that everyone has ‘stuff’ and we are all trying to deal with it.

He has been a dad for 7 years now and the journey has been tough but so rewarding.  It has been amazing watching him love our kids and take care of them.  It has been a blessing to see him turn into the kind of man who will work the long days because he values me being able to stay home.  There are times when he will work 12 days straight and never complain about it.  I will watch him read a book to our kids after a long day, tuck them in and give them three more hugs and then he will come downstairs and help me finish cleaning the house and putting things back together.

He has learned that being dad isn’t just the hugs and the kisses, being dad is a responsibility to provide for your family, to teach the lessons through consequences and grace, to be an example as a man/husband/father/friend/son/grandson… because those 6 little mischievous eyes that peer from dirt covered faces are watching him all the time and they don’t miss a beat.

I heard a mutual friend of ours tell my husband how grateful he was to have an example of what a husband and father looks like.  He was grateful that my husband could show him what it means to work hard for your family because someday he will have one of his own and he wants to be able to call on someone to help him through the sleepless nights, overwhelming mounds of laundry, and the long hours of work.

The Bible says that iron sharpens iron so a man sharpens the other.  These words are very true and my husband would tell you that it is incredibly important for men to continue to be an example to each other.  I am grateful that my husband has connected himself with other men so that when he is struggling he can call on them and vice versa.  If it wasn’t for the faithful men who have walked the path before him and are willing to be mentors for the next generation, I don’t know if my husband would have turned out to be as awesome as he is.

But by the grace of God he is an amazing father, husband and friend.  Happy Father’s Day!

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