Prayer.  I have written before on this subject but I don’t think that there is ever too many reminders to pray.

We all have our struggles.  It’s part of living in a sinful world.  Jesus told us that there would be trouble.  I think many of us have stopped there.  We read that part of the verse and think, “well if Jesus wants me to go through this then I guess it’s just what I’m going to have to do.”  It makes me cringe every time I hear someone exclaim that God is gonna teach them a lesson or that God has put this in their path so that we can become a better christian.  Don’t people remember Eden?

He gave us perfection.  He wanted us to live in it with him, walk through life with him, eat with him.  He wanted us to be everything with Him.  But we all know that it was too tempting so we are no longer able to do that.

Do you know what the rest of the verse says?  Take heart!  For I have overcome the world!

Take heart!

There was something that happened this past week that was pretty upsetting.  Someone I know is struggling and they are neck deep in the world.  It’s hard to watch.  It’s hard to trust.  But in the middle of it all, I prayed.  I didn’t even have the words.  It was mumbling, hands clasped into fists, eyes squeezed closed…. God knew what I needed.  He knew what I was asking for.

We need to know that He has already overcome this world!  There is NOTHING we can go through that He won’t have a plan for!  There is no trial, no heartache, no adversity that He cannot overcome… in fact the verse tells us He has already overcome it!  So believe!

Jesus loves you.

Jesus loves you.

So pray.  As you would talk to your husband who you love, talk to Him.  Tell Him your thoughts, your hopes, your fears!  Share with him the desires of your heart because He desires a relationship with us.

And when you don’t have the words, just like the old married couple who finish each others sentences, He will fill the gaps.  He will hear the cry of your heart even though the words don’t make sense.

Because He loves you.


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