Leaving childhood

Less than a week. Six days. About 142 hours. That’s how much time is left before my baby gets on the school bus to begin high school. He told me the other day that his friends told him that high school flies by. And yes, as a Mom, I had to stop myself from begging him to make it crawl by instead. The question is this. How is it possible that one day he was a baby dependent on me for everything and a few (what I consider blinks later) now only requires me to drive him places????

Last night, I told him I was going to teach him how to cook. He told me he didn’t need to know because I was always there cooking. I told him that if I didn’t teach him now, then one day he will need to be able to cook and not know how. We made his favourite meal — chicken parmesan. Everyone needs to know how to cook their favourite foods 😉 Today, I will teach him how to make lasagna and maybe even cookies.
One day, in the not so distant future my baby is going to be in university and I won’t be the one who is taking care of him anymore.
Overall, I’d like to think I’ve done pretty good getting through all the stages and moments until now … lol.  I survived the first day of daycare, the first day of kindergarten, his first girlfriend, the last day of grade six, the first day of grade seven and the last day of grade nine. I’ve managed to not let him ‘practice’ driving my car but only because I know my husband has been sneaking in lessons.
I’m not sure I’m even a tiny bit prepared for high school. Why? Because with high school comes more serious girlfriends and the ability to drive a car without an overseer. It means a job, independence, and nights out with friends. And for me, it also means he needs me even less. As we are also aware from our own experiences growing up, high school brings a new defining moment in our lives. For some youth, high school can make or break who they become as adults. It can be crazy easy or crushingly hard. Indeed, it offers a new beginning and instills in him (to a degree) who he will become in the next phase of his life, before this phase has even ended.
Even still, as all parents must endure, I have to trust that I’ve done my job and taught him right from wrong, taught him how to be a young man while retaining part of his youth. I have to be able to let him go out and face the world. I have to to let him start to maneuver this road called life on his own. Thus, as I hold on for what is bound to be a very twisty, turny, bumpy, hilly road, I will trust in Jesus to get me through all of the coming days, and to hold my hand when I need it most. Told on to Him I will because my strength comes from Him. Otherwise, I’d be a blubbering mess and all that’s gonna do is wreck my mascara 😉
“Be strong and of a good courage, fear not, nor be afraid of them: for the LORD thy God, He [it is] that doth go with thee; He will not fail thee, nor forsake thee.” (Deuteronomy 31:6)

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