When the earth shakes… or doesn’t

Last week was hard.  It’s the only way to describe it.

Last week someone decided to scare people and fill their hearts with fear.  A lot of people.  Multiple colleges, universities and public buildings were notified of bomb threats.  Every school in the smallest province of Canada was evacuated because of the threats leveled against them.  Thousands of people left buildings that should have been safe havens — terrified.  Thousands of small children were told to leave their belongings behind and exit the school.

I read the headlines with a sick feeling in my stomach. I have four nephews, one niece and some other dearly loved children who were being negatively affected by this.  I couldn’t even process the thought that someone thought a bomb scare might be acceptable.  That someone would feel it was alright to scare children.

A few days later, I went about my day like any other when once again there were headlines of buildings being evacuated due to more threats.  These ones were even closer to my home.  Again my stomach was sick, thinking that someone would do this.

However, through the moments of anxiety and unknown, something unusual happened. The news reports and commentary confirmed my resolve to ensure that I raise my children to live for Christ.  Moreover, these events have encouraged me to home educate my kids, because although I cannot protect them from every threat, our decision protected them from experiencing unnecessary anxiety this time. And for me, this is a good thing.

After much reflection, I have concluded that people who send threats to schools like this have not known Jesus. Neither do these people understand how much Jesus loves them.  They do not know the grace and mercy that He has been offered to them and they definitely were not raised to show empathy toward others.

Do you know what else they lacked in their life?  A friend who cared enough to tell them how precious they are.  A friend who came alongside and walked through life with them.

There is a stereotypical person out there who does these things.  There is also a stereotypical response that society declares that everyone else has shown towards them. And, I believe, it is this response which is causing the problem.  We need to stand strong in Christ so that when we meet these people we recognize their need for prayer.  We recognize that they need someone who will demonstrate to them a love like the love Jesus showed for us when He shed His holy blood on the cross for you and I.

I want to raise my child to be that person.  I want to raise my children to be the person who stands firm when the ground shakes … and, even when it doesn’t.  I want you to raise your children to be the same.  Teach our children to read the Bible everyday. Raise them to hear God’s word. Show them through our life how joyful it is to sing His praises. And similarly, to recognize that life without Jesus is no life at all.

From a broader perspective, I want to see the body of Christ move so powerfully that we can eliminate the threat before it happens — His love flowing through us to those around us. Lifting people up and encouraging them to become the light that Jesus wants us to be. And if the ground does shake one day, because our world is full of sin, then I want to have enough faith in Jesus to know that we as believers can be united within the body of Christ, standing firm with one another against any enemy that seeks to destroy.

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