7 Days of beauty

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” (Genesis 1:1) And, indeed, both the light and the dark. This couldn’t have been an easy feat. I mean I know He’s God and He created everything from nothing (and He did it in the dark!!!) but I wonder if it took a try or two to get it just perfect. My overactive imagination likes to think there might have been an “oh darn” or two moment thrown in. Seriously, from a human perspective, the idea of an exact perfect chemistry does take a few tries πŸ˜‰

For example, the first time I made bread was an epic failure. So were the next 2, 3 and 10 tries. I couldn’t understand why I could not get my bread to work. I followed a recipe created by someone who knew what they were doing. I did exactly what the recipe said. But the end result was hard, flat, and very unappealing bread. It smelled good though. In fact, the aroma was so inviting that I kept trying. Until finally, one day, I made a loaf of bread that was crusty on the outside but soft and fluffy on the inside. Oh, so yummy right out of the oven, smothered in butter.

Getting back on track, we understand that God on the second day created the land and the seas. Have you ever actually thought about how much imagination it takes to take a big empty planet and fill it with land and water. Not just a blob of land here and water there. But instead, a landscape of rivers and cascading waterfalls, underground springs, and simple streams within those continents and islands situated between enormous oceans.

In the worldly realm, I have also tried to garden. Flowers and vegetables, and sadly, I totally suck at it. I’ve tried to have a swimming pool and it almost always goes green at some point. So in this same context, I’m pretty sure God had an “oh darn” moment once or twice on the second day too. But fortunately for us, He did not give up. Instead, He just kept on going and the Lord saw that His creation was good πŸ˜‰

On the third day, God created the grass and trees, and the flowers. The soil was perfectly fertilized for us. He created all that is beauty on the third day. And, on the fourth day, God created day and night, spring and summer, winter and fall. It took two days but we all know that the seasons are truly reflected in our scenery. It wouldn’t be winter without seeing the barren trees, the dead looking grass, feeling the cold and marveling at the snow. It couldn’t be spring without seeing the rebirth of all that was once dead, or in hibernation. The new buds on the trees, the tulips and crocuses pushing through the soil, the grass as its colour changes from brown to green. Or summer, with the heavy smell of flowers and grass and trees lingering and inspiring. Or, seeing the farmers’ fields grow with crops. The bees and mosquitoes. The beaches. Then we get the prettiest season of them all — at least for me. That is Autumn. My favourite season because everywhere we look, we can see colourful and fresh and feel the presence of the Lord all around.

At home, I have four canvases, with each one depicting the seasons. It’s almost my favourite wall (second only to my memory wall :)) because each picture is of something particular that I love. Spring — my purple leaf tree with its beautiful white flowers in bloom. Summer — the pathway through the sand dunes and the gorgeous white sand leading to ‘my’ beach. Autumn — the colourful leaves floating down the river that runs beside my house. Winter — ironically the river beside my house is the Winter River, so this photo is a picture of this river in a clearing full of snow and ice, with the dark green evergreens running alongside. Yes, on days 3 and 4, God created beauty, and I have tried to replicate and take hold of His same handiwork in my own home πŸ™‚

On the fifth day, God created the birds in the sky and the fish in the sea. On the sixth day, God created the animals of the ground. God seriously has the best imagination because He even created dinosaurs!!! He created cows, bald eagles, whales, lions and tigers…..with no team of people to help Him plan the design. He had to decide how to make a duck quack, a cow moo, a dog bark, a whale shoot water through their spout, and how high a bald eagle would fly, and how fast a cheetah would run. And again, He did this without any external help πŸ˜‰

But God didn’t just create animals for us to look at in zoos, on farms, or safaris, or in the wild. He created the animals as a food source for us. For example, God provided for us when He gave us fish, poultry, pork, beef, (and may I add, Β other gross stuff that people eat but is not on my eating menu lol) He gave us pets as companions. I couldn’t imagine having grown up without dogs and cats and birds and fish and guinea pigs and the learning and excitement that came about as a consequence of animals in my home πŸ˜‰

On the sixth day, God created man. God took a pile of dirt and He breathed life into it. This pile of dirt turned into 206 bones (this number is actually higher when we are born). It turned into 100,000 km of veins, arteries, capillaries in each human (and in case you can’t imagine how long that is, it’s two and half trips around earth — or the average car warranty;)).

Therefore, when people say there is no God, I look around me and wonder how they think this all happened???? I mean how is it possible to look at the stars engraved into the sky, the canvas of oceans or mountains, or the sensation we get when we eat a strawberry or a new potato fresh from the ground. How about when we look at our newborn babies — so innocent in their first days in the world. Do we not see God’s handiwork??? To think that the complex human body happened by mistake. This is definitely a world view I don’t think I will ever understand.
On day seven, God finally took a break. He rested. I am even sure it was a well deserved break πŸ˜‰
An example to us to learn from. A time of rest to observe and enjoy His handiwork. I often look around me and marvel at life’s beauty. I can’t imagine how even God was able to come up with half the amazing things in our world. Like how the moon and tide are linked together. Or, how the seasons all compliment each other. How our bodies are integrated, working simultaneously and in sync for our betterment. How babies are made in the womb, wherein He places His purpose before being born. Everywhere I look, there is glimpses of His beauty and wonder and it’s perfect.

Like only an awesome God like mine could create.

“And God blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it: because that in it He had rested from all His work which God created and made.” (Genesis 2:3)

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