Being Thankful

Every Thanksgiving we read commentary about what people are thankful for. In social media, these include posts which reflect the good and happy moments in people’s lives. After some reflection, I decided that in reality, we can’t have good without bad. Because our lives — even with the illustrations of the good times on social media — are equally peppered with the not so happy, the sad, the not so shareable moments as well. Indeed, life itself teaches us to embrace every day, even when things are not so good. And it is in these latter moments that we learn to enjoy and experience the moments that make the good in life soooo gratifying!!!

So here’s what I’m thankful for this Thanksgiving, complete with the good, the bad and the not so shareable 😉 

I’m thankful for the friends who are no longer friends. The ones who quietly disappeared, the friends who used me, the ones who walked on my dreams, the ones who told me I was important but proved otherwise. I’m thankful for them because they gave me an opportunity to engage more with those friends wh9o were real, and to learn who it is that I truly need in my life. I have also learned about myself — knowing those who I have become indifferent too as well. 

I’m thankful for my family — both good and bad, and those who somewhere along the line, decided that maintaining a relationship with my family was not important to them. As a consequence, I know who I can count on, whose shoulder I can cry on and who has my back — no matter what. Yes, family is important! And I am so thankful that I have a large extended family so that there never will be a shortage of characters in my life. 

I’m thankful for the relationship I have with my son’s father. It’s not always great and it’s been a bumpy road but along the way it’s evolved into a friendship that works. I’m extra thankful that he married an awesome person and that they created beautiful kids. I’m thankful because not only is she a great mom to my son, but because she has let me be a ‘mom’ to her younger babies. During the longest days of knowing I’d never get anymore of my own babies, she didn’t flinch when her babies called me mommy, mama, mum. In fact, we’ve often laughed as her youngest calls us both mom or mommy, while we are both in the same room. I’m forever grateful to her for that….and to my ex, for not getting too annoyed by the children’s love for everyone 😉

I’m thankful for my home. It’s expensive to heat. I can’t find where the mice get in. I only has one bathroom. But I’ve spent 5 years making it a home for my little family, and somewhere along the way, it’s warm, welcoming, comfortable, and homey. As visitors to my house can attest, it almost always smells like baked goods. 

I’m thankful for my pets. Two dogs, Daisy and Finney. They bark at random. They shed like crazy, and they have really bad doggie breath. But they are always happy to see me. They are always there when I’m sad. Most of the time, they make my heart happy. My cats, Mr Big Shoes, Callie and Huckleberry….they are always bringing home dead things. Callie is pregnant for the third time in a YEAR, and they always use the litter box right before I’m expecting someone but they are sweet, kind and beautiful….each one with their own personality that fits right in our family. 

I’m thankful for my job. For each family that trusts me to love their kids like my own. Some days might suck because everyone is tired or not feeling well. And like every profession, there may be some days I might want to quit but those moments are rare. On the plus side? My job allows me to bake whatever I want, to enjoy beach days with a host of children, and endless snowball fights when traveling is limited. All of these collectively have taught me patience and that love is unlimited, no matter how many poopy diapers happen in a day. 

I’m thankful for my husband. He is sometimes the most annoying person I know (I’m pretty sure he thinks the same about me ;)) but he loves me with his whole being and I feel the same way about him. He gives up so much for his family and I could never thank him enough for all that he does. 

I’m thankful for my son. He is expensive! He is frustrating, and yes, he drives me crazy some days! But he is singly the BEST thing I’ve ever accomplished. He has brought me joy, and such immense happiness that I find it hard to breathe when I think of all the moments we have spent together. At the end of the day, he might be the only kid I ever get but God made sure He gave me the best kid. One who may not always listen but he knows he is loved.

Most of all, I’m thankful for my faith in God. I’m thankful that I can still openly express my faith because that right has been taken away from so many. I’m thankful that Jesus died on a cross for me….because I’ve made more mistakes then I can count and yet He still paid the ultimate price for my salvation — even before He knew that I would accept His invitation to the wedding feast. I’m thankful for everything Jesus has blessed me with in this life, because despite the not so great moments (and admittedly, there are many not so good moments) I know I have a blessed life and it’s full of more awesome than not. And for that blessing, and His peace and joy in my heart, I’m forever thankful 🙂

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