Let your happiness be unlimited

September 11….December 25…..January 1….November 11. Without searching any of these dates, we know exactly what these stand for. Dates are funny like that. Certain calendar dates stick out — never to be forgotten. Others though, depending on one’s age, just can’t be remembered, regardless of how hard we try. For me, and yes sadly, I couldn’t tell you what date either World War I or II ended. Or, what day John F. Kennedy was shot. Or, when the Challenger made its last journey into space. Or, when Waco happened. Or, for that matter, when Elvis Presley died. I have no clue. I know that three of these events happened before I was born. One occurred when I was a baby, and two are moments etched in my brain as images never to be forgotten. 

Certain days hold special meaning in my world and bring forward many memories, both happy and sad. For example, I share my birthday with three cousins. One on my mom’s side and two on my dad’s side. These are pretty much the only birthdays I remember outside of my parent’s special day, that of my son, my husband, and my siblings 😉 Other dates are stuck together through association. My best friend (as a kid) was born the day my parent’s got married. My best friend as a teenager was born a year and one day after they got married. My grandpa passed away on my niece’s birthday. My son has a second cousin who was born an hour after him, despite our due dates being three weeks apart. My wedding anniversary is the exact same day another friend of mine got married. In fact, just a few hours apart.
But there are two dates that are bittersweet in my memory bank.
One of those days was the day I discovered I was pregnant. It was hands down the best day of my life. And nine years later,  on that same date my brother married the perfect girl for him. That latter event was definitely a day that sits in the top 10 list of  my ‘best days ever’.
The other day was the day I lost my second pregnancy. I was two days shy of thirteen weeks. And for me, my entire world crashed in a way I had never before experienced. Heartbreak is pretty much the best description for that day. But that date ended up having an even more devastating moment occur, because eight years later I lost my beautiful sister in law to cancer. Her loss, even after six years is still felt by those of us who loved her. Certainly, her mom, her brother and sister, but most especially my brother. Her bright and shining smile that would radiate in a room was gone forever, leaving behind only her memory buried deep in our hearts.
To me, these two days are firmly encompassed in both happiness and heartbreak. For others, they might just be another day. A day to work, pay bills, chase kids, or dogs. Nothing special and nothing out of the ordinary. They just blend in with the other 350 non important days of the year. Every day we wake up is just another day. But that does not mean the date goes unnoticed, particularly dates that hold a happy or sad memory for someone else. It’s important to remember others, and that each life is different. Too often, however, we get wrapped up in our own lives, and miss the cues that someone close to us might need a warm hug, or maybe, conversely, to just be left alone.
And here we are, as individuals struggling to do our best, trying to find the balance so that each and every one of us can know they are loved beyond measure, and cared for and thought of more often than they will ever know.  That people do care and want to listen, and help, when the world seems not to care.
This is why I believe it’s important to treat people with kindness everyday….because we don’t know why that cashier is grumpy, or why the bus driver was rude, or even why our best friend might be a bit short for no reason at all. We live in a world where putting ourselves first has become a priority, and admittedly, there are times in reaching for worldly objectives that we miss reaching out to those who need a helping hand and loving heart from someone who cares.
This is why the Lord Jesus said to love one another. To be kind, and meek, and long suffering, forgiving one another, putting on charity which is the bond of perfectness, while letting the Word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom, teaching and admonishing one another, in one accord. In other words, Jesus wants us to put others before ourselves. In Galatians 5:22-23, apostle Paul taught about the fruits of the Spirit. He wrote: “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, long suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance: against such there is no law.”
There is NO LIMIT to showing someone kindness. Nothing bad can come from it!!!! So next time someone crosses your path, that is having a bad day or moment, try being kind because being kind could go a long way to making someone’s day much better 🙂

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