Waiting for His plan

So I watched this video last night. It was relatively short and called ‘Christmas meets the grim reaper.’ I laughed and laughed throughout. This morning, I was still giggling about it. But then I watched the clip again (mostly to see if it was that funny or, if I was just way more tired than I thought) and yep, it was still funny.  Still, the second watch gave me something to think about … and this is the point I am trying to make.
The video is set to Christmas music. It shows a typical Christmas scene with Santa and his reindeer flying his sled into the big full moon.  Then, it shows the grim reaper standing on a snowy snow bank. The grim reaper gets a small pumpkin and sets it on a tree stump. With the hook in his scythe curls (to look like a hockey stick or a golf club), he swings and the pumpkin flies through the air to perfectly knock the biggest gift off of Santa’s sleigh. He is on the ground dancing and celebrating his perfect hit and that huge gift coming his way. And then … BAM!!! The gift squishes him into the snow (he is presumably dead;)) and out pops a huge gold bar shaped anvil. Needless to say, it is here that it ends.
This is where my thinking process begins. How many times are we like the grim reaper in the video??? Think about it. It’s Christmas! Santa is bringing the presents, but the reaper couldn’t wait for that big surprise. Instead, he just rushed things along, taking what he wanted before it was time.
I know that I am horrible for being a ‘I want it done now’ person. When I send an email or text, I want an immediate reply. When I want to lose weight, it needs to fly off my body or I get frustrated. How many guys did I date before I met my husband … lol … each time thinking they were ‘the one’ even though in my heart I knew they were not. Patience is something I’m working on. And I know it’s something I believe God has been trying to get me to have for many years. And although it’s coming, apparently it is just not fast enough😜
Every day I need to remind myself that God has a plan. His plan is sooooooo much better than mine. His plan will bring me everything I desire. I just need to wait, to pray, to not rush His perfect timing and let it happen. Why? Because nothing happens outside of God’s timing. If I try to do it in the time frame I want, then it’s going to squish me. What else? It’s not going to be perfect, and it’s most certainly not going to be right.
So, what is the lesson here? Patience is a virtue that I need to continue working on.  When I only see the here and now, I am missing the bigger picture, wherein my heart can align with the purpose the Lord put in my heart while I was still in my mother’s womb. Therein, I understand that the bigger picture is going to be way better than I could ever hope. And yes, it will be worth the wait 🙂
Habakkuk 2:3 – For the vision [is] yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry.


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