From the mouths of babes!

On November 19, 2015 my cat Calico had kittens. Three babies in total. One was grey, one was a black tortoise shell and the third was a grey and black striped kitten. Then on June 19, 2016, more kittens arrived. Three more kittens but this batch had an orange and white kitten, another black tortoise shell and a black and white kitten. THEN on October 11 of this year, she had another litter of EIGHT kittens!

Out of each of these litters of kittens, one of my daycare kids has fallen in love. From the first batch, this little one wanted to keep the black and grey striped kitten. From the second batch, he wanted the black and white kitten. In this last batch of babies, he picked the one that combined both. This baby is black and grey striped with a white nose, white belly and white feet. He named her Sammy. Every day he comes over and tells her that he loves her. And, later, when he goes home, he says bye to Sammy. His dad totally wants to take Sammy home….lol! The roadblock herein is mom.

Mom is holding out because last year on Christmas morning, their cat took a seizure and had to be put to sleep. The whole family was heartbroken and it put a serious damper on what should have been a happy day.

So mom started coming up with reasons why they shouldn’t get another cat. The problem she is experiencing is that her almost  5 yr old son is very smart… 🙂 At first, she used the usual reasons why she didn’t want a cat. They are a lot of work. They need fed every day. The litter box needs to be cleaned every day as well. We have all heard (and used) these same excuses before. But this little boy had a different agenda, and wasn’t so ready to let go. So, he told his mother that he would do all that cat chores, and thus, all would be well.

So, instead of rationalizing about a kitten, mom decided to turn the tables by using their dog as an excuse. First, she told him that the dog was getting old and it wasn’t fair to have a tiny kitten chasing it all the time. Amazingly, this worked for about a week. But then the boy started finding ways around that too. So then she told him that when their dog eventually went to doggie heaven, they could get a cat. That backfired spectacularly when he decided he wanted the dog to ‘hurry up and die’. As you can well imagine, mom quickly dropped that tactic.

What we didn’t know — both mom and I — was just how clever this child actually was. Because the other day, his mom sent me a text message that went like this:
“My son was talking to his dad on the phone and told him he had some exciting news. He thinks the dog wants a kitten for Christmas!!!!!!”

Isn’t that precious? Nevertheless, and long story short, I’m not sure if he is getting Sammy for Christmas. The good news is that I still haven’t found this kitten a home yet, just in case!  But I do know this. We should never underestimate children. They are like sponges. They are master manipulators when they need to be. They are smarter then we give them credit for. And yet, as we witnessed here, they are so awesome in every way. We just need to remember that within every child is a yearning that goes beyond what we as parents consider the norm, and in that context, we need to be ready to listen and respond, and keep some time too for the chuckle that children (every once in a while) willingly send our way 🙂

“Even a child is known by his doings, whether his work [be] pure, and whether [it be] right.” (Proverbs 20:11)

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