Turkey Time

Top Of The Morning To Y’all

photo (40)

Good morning, good morning, my very good friends

Here it’s day time already and I am at wits end!

Standing and waiting on the barn window sill

The sun is bright shining, this is no time to stand still.

photo (42)

Now that is much better, my owner has come

To let me out yonder, so that I can suntan in the sun

All day, my dear mission is to play, run and squirm

And maybe — I might find me a couple of worms.

photo (41) 

Throughout each day, we turkeys frolic in the hay

Always thanking the dear Lord for giving us time to play

Cheerfully, energetic, having fun, that is us

Noisy and nosy and — haha — definitely no fuss.

Showing Our Stuff 

Breakfast Time



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